Universal Studios, Los Angeles.

May 13, 2018

This was my second visit to Universal.  I must admit, I don't really have any memories of the first visit, even though I was a 'grown up'.  This time I had a mobile phone with me, so I could capture my memories.


We ended up visiting Los Angeles as a last minute addition to our Las Vegas trip.  We sacrificed one night in Vegas to have a day at a theme park. I'm so pleased we did, as I had the best day ever!


Like many theme parks, you can save money by buying a certain number of days entry as opposed to one ticket.  If we had more time, we could have had a second day in the park fora small amount more.  As this trip was only 4 days, we couldn't spare any more time.


We go to the park shortly after it opened.

 You're greeted at the entrance by the spinning Universal globe.  The sun was shining and I knew it was going to be a great day.


First on our list was visiting the Harry Potter part of the park.


I hate wasting in queues. supermarkets, airports and theme parks.  Thankfully, the queue wasn't too bad, and we were kept moving (although slowly).  What the big theme parks do well, is the illusion the queue isn't very long, snaking its way around the building and looking at the interactive props/decor.


The ride was brilliant, unlike a traditional rollercoaster, this ride takes you on a journey using a 360 degree screen, the seat moves around up, down, left and right but the screen and additional props create an illusion you're going mush faster.  Unfortunately the ride broke down 30 seconds from the end.  The good news is we were allowed to go straight to the front and ride again. We did, and the ride broke down again. We were given the option to ride best again, but decided to try elsewhere in the park.

Despite the ride breaking twice, I loved it!


While wandering around the park we et some of our favourite characters from tv and the movies.  Despite being 40, I was excited at getting a hug from Marge Simpson and having my photograph with Bumblebee and Optimus Prime.  The park advertise the times when you can have your photograph with the characters. 

 One of the great things with Universal is the interactive set tour you can go on.  At various points of the tour you get to see sets from various films and tv shows such as Murder She wrote, The Munsters, The Grinch and Jaws.  My personal highlight was seeing Wysteria Lane, which is the street from Desperate Housewives.  When I used to watch the show, I wish I lived on a street like that.  Its hard to believe its a film set!



We also drove past a crash site of a Boeing 747.  It looked very convincing.


I'm a sucker for a log flume and Universal don't disappoint.  Welcome to Jurassic Park.  Apologies for the finger in the way, we kept getting sprayed water by the various dinosaurs!



When we had our photograph taken with one of the characters, the staff member who was there to help very kindly gave us a queue jump voucher for one ride.  It could be used on any ride except Harry Potter. We put it to good use and managed to use it for three rides by asking if we could keep it for our scrap book!


Naturally we had a snack while we were there.  as expected the food and drinks were expensive.  I got a slice of pizza, it was huge and very tasty, but I can imagine for a family its a very expensive day out. 







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